Winter favorites From Ann Taylor

wintertime favorites From Ann Taylor

First, let’s talk about this houndstooth cardigan. Honestly, just typing its name in anything other than bold, italicized and underlined font would feel disrespectful. This oversized camel and ivory masterpiece looks, you know, very cute in the product photos online. but just wait until YOU SEE IT IN PERSON. Honestly, I fainted. It’s genuinely so beautiful and if I didn’t know better, I would vow it need to be a very pricey designer item. I don’t know how they achieved this quality at this price point. It’s a Christmas miracle.
SPEAKING OF Christmas MIRACLES: The world’s a lot of best artificial leather leggings have been restocked which is clear proof that Ann Taylor loves us and wants us to be happy. If they look familiar to you, they should. I’ve pointed out them here on Memorandum a lot more than once. Εις διπλούν. and now THRICE. The leggings themselves are a front-seam (read: incredibly elongating), size-zip situation that I love so much I’ve actually bought a backup pair in my post-baby size just to make sure I’ll never need to be without them for even a moment. The first time I pointed out how wonderful they are, they sold out immediately, so I’d act quick here. These mid-rise, ankle-length artificial leather leggings also come in petite sizing and are so versatile and comfortable, there really is no limit to what you can style them with.

ANN TAYLORFaux leather Legging 

ANN TAYLORHoundstooth long open Cardigan

More Ann Taylor wintertime Favorites

And, as if the mere existence of those items aren’t gift enough, Ann Taylor has somehow managed to serve up a bevy of other wintertime classics that need to be discussed and celebrated: Let’s start with this zip-collar sweater which also came home with me recently and whose photos online do not do it justice. In addition to being exceptionally soft, the fabric has a kind of pearlescent sheen to it that is both special and gorgeous. 

ANN TAYLORZip Collar Sweater

Second, and maybe very unsurprisingly, this turtleneck cord sweater dress in “mint creme” had to be mine. I indicate look at it. It’s wintertime Mary wear all day long. Also, if you need something festive, check it out in the “exotic ruby” shade and consider your Christmas outfit handled.

ANN TAYLORTurtleneck cord sweater Dress

On the loungewear front, I’m arguably saving the best for last here. 
I picked up this cord knit hoodie sweater (I know, two good things in one garment!) which has the most beautiful knitwear detailing I’ve seen this season. I also really recommend grabbing a pair of Ann Taylor’s sweater Jogger Pants to match. aside from just, you know, looking and feeling great, the joggers are a thicker-than-average, strong knit. Which made me stand up and yell “FINALLY!” when ripping them out of the box. There’s nothing worse than putting on stunning knit loungewear only to realize you’ve got some seriously saggy knees after you sit down for five seconds. Βλέπω? Ann Taylor gets us.

ANN TAYLORThe sweater Jogger Pant

ANN TAYLORCable Hoodie Sweater

ANN TAYLORMixed jersey Tank

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